04 August 2009

Introduction To Crane...

General Definiton.

Crane :
Crane is mechanical device that used for raising or lowering loads and moving them horizontally to the required location.

Mobile Crane :
Mobile Crane is a crane mounted on wheels, which can be driven under its own power.

Crawler Crane :
Crawler crane is a type of crane mounted on crawler tracks, which can be driven under its own power. The crawler carrier allows the crane to travel with a load on firm and level ground. It also gives the crane a high degree of manoeuvrability.

Tower Crane :
Tower Crane is a heavy metal tower plant designed for industry to perform crane operations in medium to high rise structure.

Crane Operator :
Any person that competent to operate cranes. Typically duties shall include pre-operational check, operation of the crane and post operational check. He must be fully conversant with all aspects of safe crane operations.